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  Description of the Property  
I think of the house as three distinct structures:

1. The old square is the original structure, 27' by 27' upstairs, and, I'm told, built in 1938. Its exterior is white stucco.

2. The pantry runs the width of the old square and is about 7' wide. It's almost as old, but clearly was an afterthought: two of the old square's windows look into the pantry.

3. The "new" wing is 24' long by just over 12' wide, with a deck along it. It was built in 1967 (so "new" is a relative term), and has a '60's Sunset Magazine kind of look. The exterior is T1-11, and half the surface is glass.. The view from the end, even downstairs, is excellent.

Total square footage shows on the tax records as 1955, and that seems to be accurate.
By virtue of being on a hill, The house varies between one story (the pantry) and three stories (the far end of the new wing, which has a storage area underneath).

The most interesting feature: the house is actually two units.

Downstairs has a hallway kitchenette, a nice (albeit very 60's) bathroom, a very nice bedroom (lots of glass!) and a living room.

  PDF of how downstairs might look in the future.
PDF of downstairs electrical plan (90k) (Ignore moved kitchen and washer/dryer, but plan for them.)

Upstairs has a full kitchen, bathroom, a living room, the closet room (since it's full of - you guessed it - closets) a bedroom, and what we call the view room. Plus there's the pantry, which is laundry room and storage.

  PDF of how upstairs might look in the future.
  PDF of upstairs electrical plan (90k)
PDF of outlet plan for upstairs and downstairs (500k) (Electricians: Ignore downstairs' relocated kitchen and new washer/dryer.)
This site repeatedly references the house's 3 components: old square, pantry and new wing.

From the proper angle, and with the right light, the house can look good.

But the reality remains: it's a junker.
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