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Replacing the Decks

  Framing Contractors  

With the concrete portion of the foundation upgrade wrapping-up, I solicited rough framing bids from three contractors:

Richard Schneider Construction (P.O. Box 3931 San Rafael, CA). Richard came highly recommended by friends of ours.

Chris Clark Construction (20 Estrella Way, Novato, CA 415-898-5408). Chris was recommended by David Hoffmire, my foundation guy. When he came and visited the property I got the sense that he was a no-nonscense kind of guy.


Janish didn't bid, so I had two bids, and I was comfortable with both guys. Chris Clark Construction , and the other from Richard Schneider Construction Chris' bid was ____ but had some excludes that would add up. Rich's bid was a few thousand higher, but included demo. It took some analysis, but it seemed that Chris' bid was better.



We'd been on stilts for too long. It was time to get the framing started.

First wood.

I was thrilled that Chris' team put in the effort to level the house. His contract excluded leveling, but he wanted to do the right thing.

Sheerwall is added. (My one-foot-thick perimeter walls called for a second, inside wall, to hide them.)

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